• 2010

1.    BASTOS, LUCIANE CONCEIÇÃO SILVA ; PEREIRA, PEDRO AFONSO DE PAULA . Influence of Heating Time and Metal Ions on the Amount of Free Fatty Acids and Formation Rates of Selected Carbonyl Compounds during the Thermal Oxidation of Canola Oil. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, v. 58, p. 12777-12783, 2010.

2.    BRANDAO, GEOVANI C. ; DE JESUS, RAILDO M. ; DA SILVA, ERIK G.P. ; FERREIRA, SERGIO L.C. . Use of slurry sampling for the direct determination of zinc in yogurt by high resolution-continuum source flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Talanta (Oxford), v. 81, p. 1357-1359, 2010.

3.    DIAS, F. S. ; LOVILLO, M. P. ; BARROSO, C. G. ; DAVID, J. M. . Optimization and validation of a method for the direct determination of catechin and epicatechin in red wines by HPLC/fluorescence. Microchemical Journal (Print), v. 96, p. 17-20, 2010.

4.    FADIGAS, JOELMA C. ; DOS SANTOS, ANA M.P. ; DE JESUS, RAILDO M. ; LIMA, DANIEL C. ; FRAGOSO, WALLACE DUARTE ; DAVID, JORGE M. ; FERREIRA, SERGIO L.C. . Use of multivariate analysis techniques for the characterization of analytical results for the determination of the mineral composition of kale. Microchemical Journal (Print), v. 96, p. 352-356, 2010.

5.    LEMOS, V. A. ; SANTOS, LUANA NOVAES ; BEZERRA, MARCOS ALMEIDA . Determination of cobalt and manganese in food seasonings by flame atomic absorption after preconcentration with 2-hydroxyacetophenone-functionalized polyurethane foam. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, v. 23, p. 277-281, 2010.

6.    LEMOS, VALFREDO AZEVEDO ; GAMA, EDNILTON MOREIRA . An online preconcentration system for the determination of uranium in water and effluent samples. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Print), v. 171, p. 163-169, 2010.

7.    LIMA, DANIEL C. ; SANTOS, ANA M.P. DOS ; ARAUJO, RENNAN G.O. ; SCARMINIO, IEDA S. ; BRUNS, ROY E. ; FERREIRA, SERGIO L.C. . Principal component analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis for homogeneity evaluation during the preparation of a wheat flour laboratory reference material for inorganic analysis. Microchemical Journal (Print), v. 95, p. 222-226, 2010.

8.    NASCIMENTO, I. R. ; DE JESUS, R.M. ; DOS SANTOS, W. N. L. ; SOUZA, A. S. ; FRAGOSO, W. ; DOS REIS P.S . Determination and evaluation employing exploratory analysis of the mineral composition in fresh bovine milk from the milk producing area located in Sergipe state Brazil. Microchemical Journal (Print), v. 96, p. 37-41, 2010.

9.    RODRIGUES, FREDERICO DE M. ; MESQUITA, PAULO R.R. ; DE OLIVEIRA, LIDIA S. ; DE OLIVEIRA, FABIO S. ; MENEZES FILHO, ADALBERTO ; PEREIRA, P. A. DE P. ; DE ANDRADE, JAILSON B. . Development of a headspace solid-phase microextraction/gas chromatography mass spectrometry method for determination of organophosphorus pesticide residues in cow milk. Microchemical Journal (Print), p. 56-61, 2010.

10.    SANTOS, Q.O. ; NOVAES, CLEBER GALVÃO ; BEZERRA, MARCOS ALMEIDA ; LEMOS, VALFREDO AZEVEDO ; MORENO, I. ; SILVA, DOUGLAS GONÇALVES DA ; SANTOS, L. . Application of simplex optimization in the development of an automated online preconcentration system for manganese determination in vegetal leaves and river waters. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society (Impresso), v. 21, p. 2340-2346, 2010.

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